Catering Packages in Sydney

Are you sick of all the basic catering packages in Sydney?

Catering Packages in Sydney can end up being underwhelming and overpriced. Charging per person for 8 pieces each and ending up with substandard deep fried food and pastries, is not our idea of a good time. Usually leaving you feeling unsatisfied and hungry.

At Salt of the Earth Catering, we have always charged by the platter. This way you can choose exactly which canapés you want on your menu.
You can mix and match between any of our menus to create the perfect balance of canapés for your function.

All our menus and prices are listed on our website to make it an honest and transparent transaction between Salt of the Earth and our clients.

If you find it too daunting browsing through our delicious menus, we can suggest a menu for you. Or have a look at our Sample Menus here.

Our most popular dishes

Some of our favourite and most popular canapés which have been with us for over 13 years. Our clients love the Peking duck Pancakes, Mini Cheeseburgers, Salt and Pepper Squid and Coconut Prawns.

Our Vietnamese Rice Paper Rolls are a favourite on our Vegetarian Menu and Gluten Free Menu They are also Vegan!

Peking Duck Pancakes Catering Packages

We believe the perfect Catering Package in Sydney can be created with our Menus.

A couple of seafood, meat, vegetarian and sweet is the perfect mix and for dinner we suggest between 10-12 pieces per person.

Some catering packages in Sydney can be too restrictive. Most not allowing you to add or change the menu and we find they are almost always too small, leaving you and your guests hungry at the end of the night.

Our experienced staff will recommend the right amount of food for your occasion, to ensure you and your guests’ tummies are satisfied. Contact Us here to create your perfect menu for your next event.

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