Help Reduce Food Waste

help reduce food waste

Responsible Handling of Leftover Food

At Salt of the Earth Catering, we are committed to not only providing exceptional culinary experiences but also ensuring responsible handling of leftover food. We believe in reducing food waste and ensuring that surplus food is put to good use. We are experienced in quoting the right amount of food based on the number of guests. While we never leave guests hungry, there is rarely any leftover food at our functions. On the odd occasions that there are, here’s how we manage leftovers to benefit both our clients and the community.

What We Do with Leftover Food

Offering Take-Home Packages

We encourage our clients to take home leftover food. Our team will package the remaining food in eco-friendly containers so you and your guests can continue enjoying the delicious dishes after the event.

Donating to Local Charities

When possible, we partner with local food banks and charities to donate leftover food. This way, we help support those in need within our community. Our team ensures that all donated food is handled safely and meets the necessary health standards.

Composting and Recycling

For any food that cannot be reused or donated, we follow sustainable practices by composting organic waste and recycling packaging materials. This helps minimise our environmental footprint and supports a healthier planet.

Help Reduce Food Waste

How You Can Help Reduce Food Waste

Accurate Guest Count

Providing an accurate guest count helps us prepare the right amount of food, reducing the likelihood of excess leftovers.

Environmental Impact

Reducing food waste significantly decreases greenhouse gas emissions and conserves resources. By composting and recycling, we contribute to a healthier environment.

Community Support

Donating leftover food to local charities and food banks helps support vulnerable populations, ensuring that good food reaches those who need it most.
We use any leftover ingredients to cook meals for the homeless at Woolloomooloo on Wednesday nights, supporting Acts Of Kindness community outreach.


Minimising food waste can also be cost-effective for our clients. By planning accurately and managing leftovers responsibly, we help maximise the value of your catering budget.

At Salt of the Earth Catering, we strive to create memorable culinary experiences while being mindful of our environmental and social responsibilities. Partner with us for your next event, and let’s make a difference together.