Catering on the North Shore

Salt of The Earth

Catering North Shore

Catering on the North Shore

Salt of the Earth are highly experienced in catering on the North Shore. Operating locally for over 13 years, we love serving our clients on Sydney’s North Shore, and know exactly what they need.

We can customise our menus to suit your occasion. Whether you need a fully gluten free menu, emphasis on seafood, carnivore only or vegan delicacies, Salt of the Earth have you covered for catering on the North Shore.

Salt of the Earth Catering on the North Shore, know that colour and appearance have a tremendous effect on the appetite. Let us do the work for you. Contact The Team
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Catering North Shore

Delectable Menus to Suit Adults and Children

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Healthy, active kids require foods which offer staying power while a celiac will require a fully gluten free menu.
It can be a huge relief knowing that our skilled staff are able to assist you with any dietary requests.
Pleasing everyone always promises events that run smoothly and professionally.

We offer wedding catering on the North Shore second to none and can be found on the Sydney Wedlockers page.
From the moment you make a booking, you can sit back and relax safe in the knowledge that the catering will be perfect. Call us on (02) 8091 6944 and create a wedding to remember. Wedding Catering

Skilled Chefs Know Digestion Begins in the Eye

If you are planning a black tie event or a casual event, Salt of the Earth Catering take everything into account. Whether you are having a corporate event or you are catering for children, we will ensure your food looks amazing for any occasion.

Salt of the Earth have all the expertise necessary with the preparation of dainty savoury snacks. We know there are many guests who often prefer something savoury for a morning tea party over sweet cakes. With all events our team aim at variety and colour and display canap├ęs beautifully to wow your guests.

Freshest and Tastiest for Your Events

Salt of the Earth prepare everything fresh for each function. From delicious homemade sausage rolls to gourmet sandwiches, seared sesame tuna, tandoori chicken skewers and sauces to mouth watering sweets and pastries for all your catering needs. Salt of the Earth Catering know how to turn any event into something people talk about for ages.

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